Whole rosette, 9-leaf stage, 10ºC V.S. Whole rosette, 9-leaf stage, 16ºC

Title : GSE54680 DNA methylation variation in Arabidopsis has a genetic basis and appears to be involved in local adaptation
Summary :
We investigated DNA methylation variation in Swedish Arabidopsis thaliana accessions. We found that methylation of transposable elements is temperature sensitive and associated with genetic polymorphism in both cis and trans, whereas gene body methylation is associated with genetic polymorphism in trans. Additionally, complementary RNA-Seq data for the Arabidopsis accessions were used to correlate methylation changes with gene expression across environments.
Source :
1  Whole rosette, 9-leaf stage, 10ºC  2  Whole rosette, 9-leaf stage, 16ºC 
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